As the clock struck 8 pm on the 21st of February 2011, its chimes marked the 126th anniversary of a meeting that took place on Church Square in 1885. The meeting was held in the cottage of one James Brooks that was situated on premises today occupied by Trevor Manuel’s Treasury, better known as the Old Reserve Bank Building.

At this meeting 55 gentlemen signed a charter establishing the Pretoria Club. When Brooks’ cottage became too small to accommodate the growing number of members, a much larger clubhouse was built in 1891 on the northeastern corner of Paul Kruger and Vermeulen Streets. The Club occupied this building for the next 75 years.

In 1968 the Club moved to its third home diagonally across Paul Kruger Street. In 1994, due to decentralization resulting in most of the Club’s members moving their businesses and offices out to the suburbs, it was decided to sell the Club’s central city premises.

On the 20th of May 1998 the Pretoria Club entered into an agreement with the Pretoria Country Club in terms of which the substantial funds standing to its credit and such of the assets and artworks still in its possession, were handed over to the Pretoria Country Club in return for life membership for the 250 remaining members of the former Pretoria Club and the renaming of a room on its premises, as the Pretoria Club Room.

This magnificent new complex has now become a reality and attracts new members to the section, on a regular basis. Take the time to visit these premises and enjoy their ambiance. We look forward to welcoming you.

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Meets on the 2nd Tursday of the month at 16:30 in the Member's Room.


Charls Van Staden

Vice Chairman

Roy Fouche

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