Ladies Golf

ladies golf

We are proud to announce that we have the biggest Ladies Golf section in Pretoria and enjoy every minute of our busy schedule! We have entered no less than three teams for all the league fixtures through the year.

Our Tuesdays are sacred to us and we normally tee off for an Alliance, ‘Betterball’ or medal competition with a total of more than 40 players joining in. Thursdays we play in the league events organized by Gauteng North Golf Union. If you have an official handicap at PCC, we will make sure you are also included in our draw for a league team, according to availability.

The ladies’ section is involved in the organization of the numerous mixed competitions played on Sundays, and the mixed league. We have been fortunate to have generous sponsorship for our larger competitions, including the Club Championship and the various ladies’ and mixed open days.

We also have an open hand when it comes to charity. We support various Old age homes and children’s homes with our huge Fund raising event, The Smyth Cup Golf day.

Should you have any queries or are in need of more information, please feel free to contact:

Alet Vorster